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Nick Fury Coat Review - Avengers

Nick Fury Coat Review - Avengers  Trench coat, leather jacket, replica, long, men's By Nicolas James  Minneapolis, Minnesota 
You've watched the Avengers, and for some reason you're the director type who doesn't need to be a super hero, you just want to direct them. Strong personality that is! Super confident. So, what are you missing you think? The Nick Fury Coat of course, yes, the trench coat, leather jacket, long down to your knees...send that to me. The one Samuel L. Jackson wore in the Avengers to look totally badass. Then I can walk around my room, look outside the window in my house imagining it to be the helicarrier going into battle with some alien dominators, Loki invited into Earth. Don't call me Colonel anymore, I am THE DIRECTOR, biotchess.

There are actually stores that sell this coat, which we have taken the time to look at below.
Nick Fury Jacket Review - Where To Buy It - A Retailer Round-UpOn Amazon the Nick Fury Jacket is $219

Nick Fury Captain …

Stranger Things Season 3 - Spoilers And Teasers - All Hype!

Stranger Things Season 3 News Is All Hype - Don't Believe Any of It!  By James Brodley

With Stranger Things Season 2 running strong on Netflix, and people wondering how it ends, the media is already blasting the internet with speculation about the Stranger Things, Season 3 trailer, spoiler, teaser, and I think in one case an ending already - geez! Lies. 
Look how Vanity Fair does it: Stranger Things 3, Everything We Know. What do they know? Nothing. They base what they say on what's already know about ST 2, and make the assumption that Stranger Things Season 3 will come out in 2019, not 2018 (sorry fans, if you believe VF). There are a lot of Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers, but nothing concrete on S3, except a link to Hollywood Reporter to point to something Duffer said about it. 
And, look at this Youtube, titled, Stranger Things "Leaked" Season 3 Teaser, total fabrication, click bait. Don't fall for it!

Stranger Things Season 2 ending explained - Spoiler Alert

Want To Know How Stranger Things Season 2 Ends - OK, SPOILER ALERT! Season 2 Stranger Things Ending Explained Below! By Walt Semechus

Have you been glued to Netflix watching Stranger Things Season 2, with all the crazy alien creatures threatening to hurt the group of kids we're now attached to?

Remember when you watched the Stranger Things Season Two Trailer, and couldn't wait until it was featured on Netflix, and now you're at the ending and want to know details and explanations of the ending, OK, fair enough!

Stranger Things Season 2 ending explained - spoiler - here it is! 
With Stranger Things Season 2, Eleven's powers are insane, like a kid Jedi. Horror alien dogs are everywhere, and they  can tear through concrete and dig out of cellars. All while a more powerful entity, hailing from Upside Down haunts Hawkins...that is  until Eleven closes the opening into Earth from Upside Down world with those crazy powers. Of course, at the ending, there is a flicker of the …

Withoutabox vs. Filmfreeway vs. Filmfestivallife - Review of Film Submission Sites

Where To Submit Your Film For Film Festival Consideration
Without a Box  WOB (website) was founded at the turn of 2000, by Charles and Joe Neulight and David Straus. It was purchased by IMDb (a subsidiary of Amazon) in 2008. The platform allows users to gain access to film festivals worldwide through ONE SUBMISSION FORM, submit their films/short films/animated features to the festivals and to do so electronically (no more pesky bluray discs in the mail). The platform also includes other services such as streaming on Amazon Direct Video and placement on the IMDb website. To join the platform is free, and uploading upto 10 GB is also free. They are partnered with larger festivals such as Portland Film Festival, LA Film Festival and AFI and SIFF festivals as well.

In theory, this sounds great right? However… The platform has pretty horrid reviews, seen here, from both filmmakers and film festivals. Payments to filmmakers don’t seem to be made in a timely, or efficient manner, errors in…

MasterClass Coupons

MasterClass Coupons - Where To Find Them By Jack Lorri

MasterClass is an educational learning platform for aspiring artists within the field of theater. For around the cost of $100 ( unless you find MasterClass Coupons ) student actors, actresses, screenwriters, film directors & producers, can learn alongside the stars who emblazoned their names into the history books. You can get close up with Kevin Spacey and learn acting, or work alongside of Werner Herzog to learn the art of documentary making.

Here's a MasterClass Youtube promoting the Kevin Spacey class (he's doing impersonations of Clinton, Al Pacino, etc. here:

MasterClass's latest tweet promoted a class by Samuel L. Jackson, here: was developed with a massive 15 million dollar investment that included investors like Robert Downey Jr., in order to give normal people access to the best wisdom Hollywood has to offer.

Of course all of it occurs online, and there is no guarantee that students can m…

OtherLife Ending Explained

OtherLife Explained - Ending, The Real, No Real Real Ending
Spoiler alert, do not continue reading if you haven't seen Other Life (on Netflix)

OtherLife was released in 2017 on Netflix, and runs one hour and thirty five minutes. IMDB highly recommends OtherLife in their review. It's about a woman, named Ren, who stole her dad's patented brain software that allows people to go into their brain and live through a programmed experience, like snowboarding, or snorkeling. It also had medical applications. Some called it a drug, especially when it allows one to choose a different outcome than the script allows. Scientist, Ren spends most of her time throughout OtherLife experimenting with the drug to save her comatose brother.

At one point in the movie, Ren is confined by authorities for 365 days to a virtual prison for accidentally killing her boyfriend with the drug. At the end of that 365 days, it starts over and then she finds a way to break out, and thinks the whole confin…

Infinity Chamber Ending Explained

Infinity Chamber Ending Explained - Comment with your own theory - Spoiler Alert! Infinity Chamber (trailer here) was criticized by the LA Times for going on, and on and on, but what
is most intriguing is the ending. After nodding off through the whole film, the ending pulls things back in sharp focus by making you wonder what happened. After searching the internet, there are no official explanations for what happened, only some theories on Reddit, some of which make total sense. 
Ending: unfortunately, Frank Lerner did not make it out, whether out is the infinity chamber we saw throughout the movie, or wherever (in an interrogation to find the flashdrive, the hospital, etc.), Frank is still in there, and making peace with that by giving up the struggle and enjoying his time with his memory of something better.  

Haven't watched Infinity Chamber? Rent it here on Amazon ---> Infinity Chamber