MasterClass Coupons

MasterClass Coupons - Where To Find Them

By Jack Lorri

MasterClass is an educational learning platform for aspiring artists within the field of theater. For around the cost of $100 ( unless you find MasterClass Coupons ) student actors, actresses, screenwriters, film directors & producers, can learn alongside the stars who emblazoned their names into the history books. You can get close up with Kevin Spacey and learn acting, or work alongside of Werner Herzog to learn the art of documentary making.

Here's a MasterClass Youtube promoting the Kevin Spacey class (he's doing impersonations of Clinton, Al Pacino, etc. here:

MasterClass's latest tweet promoted a class by Samuel L. Jackson, here: was developed with a massive 15 million dollar investment that included investors like Robert Downey Jr., in order to give normal people access to the best wisdom Hollywood has to offer.

Of course all of it occurs online, and there is no guarantee that students can meet Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, or any of these Hollywood greats, or even get a real email or message from them, which they say could happen, but I'm guessing it would be rare (comment to correct me!).

Finding coupons is very hard, but they do offer some. They offer 15% promo codes at times. Also sometimes they offer coupon codes for 20% off. We are going to update every time MasterClass sends us a coupon code by mail or email.

When you Google search MasterClass Coupons, there are numerous results, but all of them are outdated or irrelevant. For example, back in Feb of '16 MasterClass released this on their Facebook: Masterclass Coupon Code Promo Code Discount Code Sale -2016. The problem is that it's from last year.

CouponBirds say they offer coupons for MasterClass, but when you click on it, it turns out to be a music masterclass.

CouponBlizzard also comes up when searching for coupons for MasterClass, but when you click on their page, it's just a description of what shows various coupons and offers for MasterClass, but when you get there the offer is for $90 which is the regular cost of the class anyway!

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