Nick Fury Coat Review - Avengers

Nick Fury Coat Review - Avengers 

Trench coat, leather jacket, replica, long, men's

By Nicolas James 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

You've watched the Avengers, and for some reason you're the director type who doesn't need to be a super hero, you just want to direct them. Strong personality that is! Super confident. So, what are you missing you think? The Nick Fury Coat of course, yes, the trench coat, leather jacket, long down to your knees...send that to me. The one Samuel L. Jackson wore in the Avengers to look totally badass. Then I can walk around my room, look outside the window in my house imagining it to be the helicarrier going into battle with some alien dominators, Loki invited into Earth. Don't call me Colonel anymore, I am THE DIRECTOR, biotchess.

There are actually stores that sell this coat, which we have taken the time to look at below.

Nick Fury Jacket Review - Where To Buy It - A Retailer Round-Up

On Amazon the Nick Fury Jacket is $219

Nick Fury Captain America The Winter Soldier Merchandise Black Leather Coat Apparel L has the Nick Fury Jacket at the cost of $149.99, see below:

nick fury coat review

Other stores that carry the Fury style, along with the prices:
Which retailer have you found to be the best buy for looking like Director Fury from the Avengers Movie?

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