OtherLife Ending Explained

OtherLife Explained - Ending, The Real, No Real Real Ending

Spoiler alert, do not continue reading if you haven't seen Other Life (on Netflix)

OtherLife was released in 2017 on Netflix, and runs one hour and thirty five minutes. IMDB highly recommends OtherLife in their review. It's about a woman, named Ren, who stole her dad's patented brain software that allows people to go into their brain and live through a programmed experience, like snowboarding, or snorkeling. It also had medical applications. Some called it a drug, especially when it allows one to choose a different outcome than the script allows. Scientist, Ren spends most of her time throughout OtherLife experimenting with the drug to save her comatose brother.

At one point in the movie, Ren is confined by authorities for 365 days to a virtual prison for accidentally killing her boyfriend with the drug. At the end of that 365 days, it starts over and then she finds a way to break out, and thinks the whole confinement was just a set up by her business partner.

She breaks into the company and then ended up looking at the programming she did to the software and upgraded it to give people decisions. Then, she gave it to her brother and it ended up giving Jared, her brother, the choice to die, instead of waking up like she wanted.

The Real Ending of OtherLife

But, it was not the end. She was still in the virtual confinement. With people flickering, Ren suddenly goes into the same waters Jared got injured in and drowned herself, making her own decision to end it.

The Real Real Ending of OtherLife

She then wakes up into the reality that put her into virtual confinement, and there are her co-workers, and she starts beating them up. She accepts this as reality and walks away from the company. But then her business partner finds out that she broke out of the virtual prison and wants her to go back in to help save the floundering company. She says she won't do it, and then her business partner grabs her head and forces the chemical into her eye, putting her back into the virtual confinement. She's laying there, and then screaming at the 365 days flashing on the wall of the prison, reminding herself, "it's just code."

She goes through it all over again, and then when she wakes up, she puts the drug into her business partner's eye and he goes into the virtual confinement. She let's him go way too far, past 365 days until the numbers turn back to 1, and then wakes him back up, looks him in the eyes, as he tries to adjust and walks away. He sits there sobbing.

She meets with her father, they hug, and go to the empty bed of her brother where her had pulled the plug on him, and they both cry.

She walks out on the pier, which is the scenery in one of the drug experiences, and then the movie goes black, leaving one to imagine she could still be trapped somewhere in her brain or going back under.

Ending: But, it ends in a way, that leaves us thinking she is out, and all is concluded.

Here are some Reddit thoughts on OtherLife as well.

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  1. I was confused cause the brother had a beard for a min near the end, And i thought it might have been someone else. Great movie though!


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