Stranger Things Season 2 ending explained - Spoiler Alert

Want To Know How Stranger Things Season 2 Ends - OK, SPOILER ALERT!

Season 2 Stranger Things Ending Explained Below!

By Walt Semechus

Have you been glued to Netflix watching Stranger Things Season 2, with all the crazy alien creatures threatening to hurt the group of kids we're now attached to?

Remember when you watched the Stranger Things Season Two Trailer, and couldn't wait until it was featured on Netflix, and now you're at the ending and want to know details and explanations of the ending, OK, fair enough!

Stranger Things Season 2 ending explained - spoiler - here it is! 

With Stranger Things Season 2, Eleven's powers are insane, like a kid Jedi. Horror alien dogs are everywhere, and they 
can tear through concrete and dig out of cellars. All while a more powerful
entity, hailing from Upside Down haunts Hawkins...that is 
until Eleven closes the opening into Earth from Upside Down world with those
crazy powers. Of course, at the ending, there is a flicker of the threat
still over Hawkins, setting up a Season 3 Stranger Things that could be 
more of Season Two. 

When the opening was closed between worlds (as Eleven bleeds from her nose), 
the chord between the mother entity and all those horror dogs is cut, saving
the town. Will (N. Schnapp is also freed of the possession that his friends and
doctors were trying to burn out). The national lab is ruined, and everyone blames them 
for the secret experiments (and indirectly for Barb Holland's death). 

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