Stranger Things Season 3 - Spoilers And Teasers - All Hype!

Stranger Things Season 3 News Is All Hype - Don't Believe Any of It! 

By James Brodley

With Stranger Things Season 2 running strong on Netflix, and people wondering how it ends, the media is already blasting the internet with speculation about the Stranger Things, Season 3 trailer, spoiler, teaser, and I think in one case an ending already - geez! Lies. 

Look how Vanity Fair does it: Stranger Things 3, Everything We Know. What do they know? Nothing. They base what they say on what's already know about ST 2, and make the assumption that Stranger Things Season 3 will come out in 2019, not 2018 (sorry fans, if you believe VF). There are a lot of Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers, but nothing concrete on S3, except a link to Hollywood Reporter to point to something Duffer said about it. 

And, look at this Youtube, titled, Stranger Things "Leaked" Season 3 Teaser, total fabrication, click bait. Don't fall for it!


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