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Withoutabox vs. Filmfreeway vs. Filmfestivallife - Review of Film Submission Sites

Where To Submit Your Film For Film Festival Consideration

Without a Box 

WOB (website) was founded at the turn of 2000, by Charles and Joe Neulight and David Straus. It was purchased by IMDb (a subsidiary of Amazon) in 2008. The platform allows users to gain access to film festivals worldwide through ONE SUBMISSION FORM, submit their films/short films/animated features to the festivals and to do so electronically (no more pesky bluray discs in the mail). The platform also includes other services such as streaming on Amazon Direct Video and placement on the IMDb website. To join the platform is free, and uploading upto 10 GB is also free. They are partnered with larger festivals such as Portland Film Festival, LA Film Festival and AFI and SIFF festivals as well.

In theory, this sounds great right? However… The platform has pretty horrid reviews, seen here, from both filmmakers and film festivals. Payments to filmmakers don’t seem to be made in a timely, or efficient manner, errors in submissions seem to run rampant, fees are exorbitant, Amazon is heavily litigation proactive, customer service is more of a sales push and festivals have to ‘buy in’ to be featured for submissions (even if they are nonprofit).


Filmfreeway (website) Is a Canadian company founded by Zachary Jones in the fall of 2014. The platform offered is free to filmmakers, script writers and photographers. Festivals pay commission only if they are fee-paying festivals (8.5% compared to WOB’s 35%). The technology and website are updated regularly, festivals are in charge of their own information/changes. There are a multitude of different kinds of festivals, and they are searchable by terms (like genre, fees, prizes and deadlines).  Films are available to post on the platforms Youtube and Vimeo. Films can be uploaded in HD.  They are partnered with a growing number of small and large festivals including HBO, PBS, Austin Film Festival, DOC NYC and Fantastic Fest- to name a few.

Reviews here are much more favorable than that of WOB, and their customer service is both comprehensible and helpful. They are a start up so they are independently owned and operated.

Film Festival Life 

Film Festival Life (website) s a European based platform, as such- the entirety of festivals are located in European countries. It is free to film festivals but charges filmmakers to submit their films. Filmmakers can opt for a per subscription based tier (short/medium/full length options) or the filmmaker can subscribe monthly on the same options. This platform seems more focused on the social access rather than exposure and career building. While the appeal cannot be denied for the film festival, there can be arguments made on the bearing of the cost being on the filmmaker. While the monthly subscriptions are not outrageous, if you were to opt for a per submission fee tier, it would get rather pricey rather quickly.

I couldn’t find any reviews for this platform- But, it is pretty safe to say if you are searching for a United States based film festival or exposure, this isn’t the route you would go.

Bio: Emma Beazley is a pickle hating, caffeine addicted super mom who spends her weekdays playing paralegal and her weeknights absorbed in science fiction/fantasy and horror. Whether tv shows/movies or books she doesn’t discriminate. Her weekends are spent chasing waterfalls, exploring abandoned houses, cooking eleven-teen meals a day and on her newest sci-fi obsession.


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