Does Werner Herzog Have a College Degree? Answer

Did Werner Herzog Go To College? 

Thomas Kayo
Lincoln, Nebraska USA

Try researching whether Werner Herzog went to college and earned a degree, and you won't find much. But, do a little digging, and you'll see this image from Google search (below) that indicates Werner Herzog's college degree, or at least some form of education is from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. 
Werner Herzog College Degree Education From Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Source: Google search results via Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

This is not normally an issue, because Herzog has become famous for his documentary film making accomplishments. He has also been an advocate of learning the art of film making without going to college. Yes, Werner Herzog indicates school in the form of expensive college is pretty much a waste. He even set up The Werner Herzog Rogue Film School as a thumb in the face of traditional education, believing that real film directing is learned in the field. His Masterclass is also set up as a short course to get wanna-be film makers to hit the ground running. Here's a Youtube video of Werner discussing his Rogue Film School with Conan, saying he is against kids going to film school to listen to lectures. Conan actually says "how dare you" start your own film school, if you don't believe in film school. But, Herzog comes back to say he teaches things like lock picking and forging, because real life skills like forging helped him get his movie made when an obstacle arose. So, it's not so much education he is against, but the pointless lectures, and high prices. His school is all about breaking the rules. 

Here's an interview with Charlie Rose talking with Werner Herzog: 


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