MasterClass Quietly Drops Kevin Spacey

MasterClass Quietly Dropped Kevin Spacey - Has Anyone Else Noticed? Although Kevin Spacey's Website Still Features MasterClass! 

By Jacqueline Lindholm
Los Angeles, CA

OK - you know MasterClass right?  Look at their website, , and is there anyone missing that wasn't there before? No, it's not Samuel Jackson or Dustin Hoffman that Masterclass pulled, but it appears they pulled Kevin Spacey from their website! And, what happened to Kevin Space on MasterClass's FB? Yanked too? What about people who were taking Kevin Spacey's class?

Of course, Kevin Spacey still features his MasterClass on his own website,

Isn't it kind of crazy that Kevin Spacey loses his entire life from one allegation. Allegation we said, not prosecution. Spacey should know this game well though, from House of Cards, because in politics it's innocent until investigated. Except when it comes to Donald Trump. He can do anything. Must do anything. The country needs someone they can hate that can't be pulled, like Kevin Spacey right. But, now that we all have permission to hate Spacey, how can we do it when he is getting pulled from everywhere. Oh, that's what Donald Trump is for, right?

Crazy America, and it's wacko ethics huh, hangs this guy before the trial. And, like Kaiser Solse, poof. He's gone. 

Watch this last video of the disappearing actor before it's censored too! 

UPDATE*: Variety reported on this a few days ago, here.

UPDATE**: How many people accused Kevin Spacey now? OK so, when so many people start accusing, what can the networks do but sever ties. Eight victims from House of Cards have now accused Spacey - reference:


  1. It seems they also pulled Dustin Hoffman's Masterclass course as well.

    1. James, any idea why they pulled Dustin Hoffman's masterclass too?

    2. More likely due to the sexual allegations against him late last year.

    3. You're not kidding, not sure how we missed that!
      Dustin Hoffman Accused of Exposing Himself to a Minor, Assaulting Two Women (EXCLUSIVE)

      Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual assault

      Dustin Hoffman Sexually Harassed Me When I Was 17 (Guest Column)

      Three More Women Accuse Dustin Hoffman of Sexual Misconduct, Variety Reports


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