The Punisher On Netflix - Review

A Bad Review For Netflix Punisher Series

By Jose Ramon

Sorry folks, the Punisher on Netflix, which was released Nov 17, 2017 stinks. I give it 1 star. Yep, a single star. Why that bad review? First, I gave it one because, hey it made it on Netflix but really it should be cancelled, or deleted, it's so bad. It's a replayed story for one without any new contribution to character or plot. Of course, this is the worse time in U.S. history to come out with a Punisher series given all the mass shootings in the USA (as they happen more often, with higher and higher causalities using more lethal weapons available in the USA)  ...way to go, inspire another mass shooting, Marvel, stupid! Here's another pub that thinks so too.

Here's the Punisher trailer on Youtube:
Want me to give you the ultimate Punisher plot spoiler? Won't be hard. Guy gets robbed of his fam, takes revenge, broods like hell until he is reactivated by someone pushing him and someone he liked around, and unleashes unimaginable violence on them. Little things like the bullies at his construction job stepping on his sandwich clearly disturb him, snapping emotional fibers down deep, but should they? OK, if someone stepped on my sandwich I would be pissed too, but these are the things the producer throws out there to build up the tension, as the music roars on to let us know it's almost violent outbreak time for the Punisher to go into murderous action. Lame. Same ole story, with no new twists. And, the character can't act, but given the script doesn't open any opportunity for emotional depth, what is there really?
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