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Buddhism Facts - Best Documentaries On The Buddha

Interesting Facts About Buddhism, On Film & In Movies For those curious about Buddhism, the ancient eastern religion is often explained in documentaries and movies. There are also a good list of Youtubes on the Buddha that serve as a great resource for Buddhism facts.

Here's our top ten list of movies you can watch on Buddhism to get the facts on this very old spiritual path:

#1: Little Buddha, which is a movie based on a real story, follows the life of the Buddha, played by Keanu Reeves. The storyline delves more into Tibetan Buddhism though, which is starkly different than Zen Buddhism, or traditional Indian Buddhism. Read more about the differences here.

#2: Speaking of Youtubes explaining Buddhism, here's a good one:

#3: The 2013 Netflix Series on Buddha here

#4 Buddhist history and basics from the Dalai Lama in this Youtube

#5 Seven Years In Tibet is another movie that gives us some insights into Buddhism, from the Tibetan angle

More Buddhism Facts

Buddhism emerged in…

Stasis Netflix 2017 - Film Review

Netflix's new 2017 movie, Stasis 
(watch here) Spoiler alert!

IMDB Gave Netflix's Stasis 3 stars out of 10. It starts with this "Seven billion people were killed in the last great war, not all at once though....we are the survivors. Some say we are the lucky ones." Then the male (Agent Lancer) and female (Agent Seattle) leads meet up with a group in an post-apocalyptic land, and go into statis.

Here's the trailer:

The time travelling girl (Seattle) wakes up in the life of a party teen (Ava) who has gone to a party, when it happens. 
Ava goes back home and finds herself in bed, and basically figures out a time traveler has jumped into and stolen her body. But, she's the only one who can stop these rebels and return her timeline back to normal. Agent Seattle realizes Ava is still there, and starts talking to her saying sorry she's dead and realize this is something big. Ava is like, I'm going to find my way back! Ava eventually connects with a hunter wh…

5 Best Movies To Watch In 2018

2018 Movies To Watch - Top Five Recommendations!

1. Han Solo - Rogue One did really well without any Jedi, so Han Solo is destined to be one of the best movies in 2018 (coming May 25, 2018) . This movie will highlight how Han Solo became himself, and people always love those kinds of stories.

2. Avengers Infinity War, coming May 4th, 2018. Everyone will be there, Thor, Hulk, Starlord, Ironman, Dr. Strange, Captain
Marvel, you've got to see it!

3. The Predator coming out February 9th, 2018, is expected to be a box office hit, with the original cast member Shane Black returning from the 1987 original. This will be the biggest Predator!

4. Marvel's Black Panther will be interesting too, releasing Feb 16, 2018

5. And, finally, Aquaman is coming Oct 5, 2018.

Notable mentions: TombRaider, A Wrinkle In Time.

To see more, watch:

Jungle 2017 Movie With Daniel Radcliffe - Review, Ending Explained

Jungle 2017 - Movie Review, Ending Explained Jungle 2017 Spoiler Alert - Ending explained! Yossi Ghinsberg and Kevin Gale make it back alive, but Marcus Stamm and Karl Ruprechter are never seen or heard from again. 

This film, produced as an action adventure documentary of Yossi Ghinsberg's (here's his website, where he features a trailer to this movie) trek through the Bolivian jungles with two newly minted friends, and a Austrian convict on the lam (pretending jungle guide). Played by Daniel Radcliffe (very well played, no traces of Harry Potter in this dramatic gut wrenching movie), Yossi gets lost in the jungle for three weeks after being separated from his friends Kevin Gale and Marcus Stamm. Yossi is ultimately rescued by Kevin who was himself rescued by villagers after being lost for five days in the jungle. Marcus who had trench foot and hiked off with the fake jungle guide Karl after Kevin and Yossi took a homemade raft down the Beni river and risk the rapids. They c…