Stasis Netflix 2017 - Film Review

Netflix's new 2017 movie, Stasis 

(watch here) Spoiler alert!

IMDB Gave Netflix's Stasis 3 stars out of 10. It starts with this "Seven billion people were killed in the last great war, not all at once though....we are the survivors. Some say we are the lucky ones." Then the male (Agent Lancer) and female (Agent Seattle) leads meet up with a group in an post-apocalyptic land, and go into statis.

Here's the trailer:

The time travelling girl (Seattle) wakes up in the life of a party teen (Ava) who has gone to a party, when it happens. 

Ava goes back home and finds herself in bed, and basically figures out a time traveler has jumped into and stolen her body. But, she's the only one who can stop these rebels and return her timeline back to normal. Agent Seattle realizes Ava is still there, and starts talking to her saying sorry she's dead and realize this is something big. Ava is like, I'm going to find my way back! Ava eventually connects with a hunter who hunts the time travelers and shows the hunter where Lancer and Seattle are (her home where they've taken Ava's mother hostage, under gunpoint). The hunter is evil and hurts Ava's mom, and at that point Ava realizes the hunter doesn't care about her getting her body back. 

In a fight with the hunter, Lancer, and Seattle, Ava gets back into her body. And somehow Seattle goes into the Hunter's body. And, that's pretty much the end of the move. 

We give it 1 star out of ten for poor acting, poor plot, and overall a very low quality film.


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