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Babylon Berlin Expensive, Here's How Much It Cost To Make

Babylon Berlin Among One Of The Most Expensive Series  How much did it cost to produce Babylon Berlin? It cost nearly $40 million to make, easily making it one of the most expensive German TV series ever created. 

Series Information
Netflix Release Date: January 30th, 2018 (watch it here on Netflix) Movie website (in German)Babylon Berlin Trailer What Book Is The Babylon Berlin Based On? Babylon Berlin Series is based on the German book Babylon Berlin by Volker Kutscher, which can be purchased below


Is Netflix's Dirty Money Series Real Or Just "Made For TV"?

Is "Dirty Money" Series For Real? Dirty Money episodes are based on real news and investigations about the scandals it brings back into the forefront, some however are based on old information and flimsy facts, as described in the analysis below.
Below is a summary of each episode along with fact checked news substantiating each claim: 
Hard NOx episode - highlights Volkswagen's clean diesel fraud. What makes this such a disappointment is that the company let those down who were trying to help the Earth the most, the green party, the hippies, the tree hugging peace lilies, the idealists, so of course they are going to be upset and enraged, along with everyone else who believed the lies (the scandal explained objectively by BBCPayday episode is about a famous racecar driver, Scott Tucker who was convicted and sentenced to serve over 16 years in prison for cheating people in a Payday Loans scam that ran from 1997-2013 - Chicago TribuneDrug Short is about drug maker gone …

Where Did Snoke Come From? - Origin Theories

Supreme Leader Snoke's Origin Where Did Snoke Come From? Answer: The Unknown Regions
What proof is there that Snoke came from the Unknown Regions? 
The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary explains that his mute attendants originated from the Unknown Regions On that same note, ScreenCast had mentioned that "published materials" from the Star Wars franchise seem to suggest Snoke hails from the Unknown Regions (origin of the First Order). Another clue is that Lucas Films executive Pablo Hidalgo apparently had shared a (now deleted) tweet that cited a passage from the Force Awakens novelization that indicates Snoke is a humanoid, or alien (pointing to the Unknown Regions again)It is insinuated that Snoke's identity is revealed in this book: Empire's End: Aftermath (Star Wars) (Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy)Another article talking about Snoke being from a different galaxy. Here's a Youtube video talking about Snoke's origins: 

Altered Carbon Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert

Netflix's Altered Carbon Ending Explained - Spoilers Ahead The mystery to solve is who killed Laurens Bancroft? Bancroft actually killed himself.

In his (Bancroft's) next life as a new sleeve he hires Takeshi to learn who his killer was (which is how the series starts). But the bigger question in this Netflix 10 episode series is why did Bancroft kill himself? It is because Kawahara (the big boss of the Houses) tried to blackmail Bancroft to help him strike down Resolution 653 (that would allow Houses murder victims to testify after being resleeved). Kawahara gets Bancroft's wife to give him a drug that would make him murder a House call girl. Bancroft does kill her, but does not cave to the blackmail, and instead kills himself. And now Takeshi is brought back to unravel the whole mystery. 

Altered Carbon Film Series Summary This Netflix original series is about how humans no longer die, because they can now transfer their consciousness into bodies custom manufactured an…

Netflix's Acts of Vengeance Movie Ending Explained - Spoilers

Acts of Vengeance Ending Explained - Spoilers Spoiler alert, do not read on if you don't want to know who the killer was in Acts of Vengeance. The first question anyone might ask about Netflix's Acts of Vengeance movie is, who killed Frank's wife and child? Frank (the lawyer) is led to believe the killer is the Russian mafia for most of the film, but he finally finds out that the killer is a cop (Hank Strode). The reason the cop killed Frank's family was because a criminal Frank helped get back on the streets killed Hank's 12 year old daughter. A cycle of vengeance.

Movie Information: Synopsis  Acts of Vengeance, released in 2017, is a movie of revenge, about a lawyer (Frank, played by Antonio Banderas) who loses his wife and child to a mysterious hit that the police detectives can't solve. So, Frank figures out he is punishing the wrong person (himself) by drinking and staying down, and learns to fight, and goes back to the scene of the crime to investigate. 

Treasures From The Wreck of the Unbelievable Real? | No, It's a Fake Documentary

Is Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable Real Or Fake?  No, Netflix's Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable was faked by Damien Hirst in order to promote his art. A big long commercial, that cost 65 million dollars to produce. There should be a petition to Netflix to tell its viewers that it is one long commercial. 

How Does It Feel To Be Tricked By A Mockumentary?
Once you realize that Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable is not real but a big fake promotion, it's a big disappointment. Like many others who were excited and enthralled to see golden sun disks craned out of the ocean by "scientists", it's a HUGE let down, of ultimately proportions to realize that Damien Hirst duped us all, with Netflix as his accomplice.   Where Did The Treasures Come From? So, it apparently took artists Hirst some ten years to make all that Egyptian style art that was supposed to look like it was pulled up as sunken treasure. The bigger question is when did …

What Movies Got 2018 Oscar Award Nominations

Academy Awards 2018: Complete list of Oscar Nominations
Wondering who got the 2018 Oscar Award Nominations? Here is a complete list, as reported by Hollywood Reporter, in order along with trailers for each

Call Me by Your Name trailer below

Darkest Hour, trailer below

Dunkirk, trailer below

Get Out, trailer below

Lady Bird, trailer below

Phantom Thread, trailer below

The Post, trailer below

The Shape of Water, trailer below:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, trailer below

When & Where Were The Academy Award Nominations Made?  Early this (Tuesday) morning (1/23/18), nominations for the 90th annual Academy Awards were announced by Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis, from the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. John Bailey, the Academy president was also present.

Who Will Host The 2018 Academy Awards?  Jimmy Kimmel will again host of the Academy Awards, see a 2017 Academy Awards monologue by Kimmel below:

Where  / When Will The 2018 Academy Awards Happen?
The 2018 Academy Awards will happe…

Netflix's "The Open House" Movie - Ending Explained, Spoiler Alert

"The Open House" Ending Explained, Spoilers Netflix recently released the new horror movie, "The Open House", to horrible reviews. The first, big question (spoiler alert) is who was the killer? This movie does not give us the satisfaction of knowing! It gives us no answers, and all those scary mysteries Netlfix promises in the film details, unexplained! And, everybody dies. There was no reason for anyone to watch and kill them, just a bunch of random scare tactics by the directors, and a big let down. How about that for a crappy flick to waste a Friday night on. 
Our Review  - Zero Stars! (with a nod to the semi OK acting by decent cast)
 Lots of red herrings, build ups for no reason, bad plot (could have been summed up in 10 minutes), lots of things happening but no explanation, and everybody dies with no answer to who the killer is nor the motive. No there was no ghosts to explain the weird stuff that happens (which would have been better than the meaningless dr…

Devilman Crybaby Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert

Ending Explained - Devilman Crybaby
Beware, spoilers ahead - let's look at Netflix's (watch here) Devilman Crybaby's ending explained. Some hated the ending (see Reddit comments), and you can imagine why, because in the end humanity dies. Yes, everyone dies. Disappointing especially when the whole movie sets up a hero (the boy, Akira) to merge with one of the demons attacking the planet in order to stop the take over. But, through the whole movie, we only see how flawed humanity is, and in the end, it's over for the people of Earth. The Earth is destroyed. That is how it ends. Post-credits shows a planet, but it is not the Earth but another "moon" created from the debris of the destroyed Earth, which may foretell yet another cycle of the same, after everything cools and spawns life again.

Moral of the story? A single man cannot change fate. Humans as a species are too selfish, and are doomed?
About Devilman Crybaby  The new January 5th, 2018, ten part Netfli…

The First Feature Documentary Shot On GoPro Heads For Theaters

Filmmaker Steven De Castro has released the first feature length documentary shot almost entirely on GoPro.  The imaginative film is part documentary, part simulated video gameplay, entitled Revolution Selfie.   Narrating and appearing in his own film, De Castro set out to capture the spirit of an armed peasant revolution.  To accomplish this, he secretly traveled deep into a forest in the southern Philippines and lived for five weeks with a band of heavily armed guerilla fighters of the New People's Army, the military wing of a Maoist peasant revolution fighting for land reform. 
De Castro initially chose GoPro because its lightweight batteries allowed him to shoot for days in the forest without electricity.  But the action camera was ideal for another reason: De Castro planned to shoot Revolution Selfie entirely from a first-person point of view (his own).   P.O.V. shots are as natural to action cameras as they are rare in the world of film.
Says De Castro: "Using a GoPro cha…

Best Wonder Woman Action Figure Doll - Review Round-Up

What's The Best Wonder Woman Action Figure  A Review Round-Up After watching the Wonder Woman movie, everyone is racing to get a Wonder Woman action figure doll, but before buying one it's best to look at all the options. Below we'll go through the Wonder Woman action figures on Amazon and review each one.

Official Wonder Woman Movie Youtube Trailer, below

The DC Wonder Woman Battle-Ready Doll, 12", by Mattel This action figure received 4.3 stars out of a total of 168 customer reviews. The price is $14.99, discounted to $10.59 (as of 1/7/2018). This one is available for 2 day Prime shipping.

This action figure is pretty nice, but it lacks a hidden sheath (as advertised) for her sword, which isn't so bad because the sword will slip down her dress (which is probably what they mean by "hidden". The doll also does not come with a stand, but if you're looking for a collectible, this probably isn't the best one. The sword does go into Wonder Woman'…

Kylo Ren Black Series Action Figure Review

My Review of The Kylo Ren Action Figure (From Last Jedi) I love Star Wars, and just brought my teenager to see the new Star Wars. Even though he's a mega bad guy, he wanted the 6" Kylo Ren action figure, Black Series on Amazon. Here's my review (which includes the kid's feedback too).

When I bought, this action figure was $13.40, discounted from the regular price of $19.99. It had pretty good reviews on Amazon too, an average of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars, with a total of 19 customer reviews. One of the reviews on Amazon said the box arrived messed up, but because my son isn't a collector that wasn't an issue, and the box came fine (that would be on the delivery service, not the seller).

This Kylo Ren action figure comes with his signature black cape, black tunic style shirt, black pants, knee high black boots, and red light saber sword (more on Kylo's lightsaber profile). No, he doesn't come shirtless, like he appeared in the movie.

The joint movement i…

Most Uplifting & Inspiring Movies On Netflix, And Beyond

Inspirational Movies On Netflix, etc. Although there are a lot of so-called best movies on Netflix right now, if you want to watch something uplifting & incredibly good that's streaming on Netflix. Right now. Here's a round-up of suggestions from amateur movie critics:

Moana & Inside Out (animated)
If you're into animated movies and haven't seen Moana it's amazing, so is Inside Out

- Moana on wikipedia, rated 7.6 stars on IMDB
- Inside Out, rated 8.2 stars on IMDB, trailer (below)

August Rush  Have you seen "August Rush"? A bit corny but super'll really like it!

We Speak Dance
Parks and Recreation 💗
Parks and rec is 5000 candles in the wind.

The Kindness Diaries
Check out “The Kindness Diaries” on Netflix

Jane The Virgin Jane the Virgin!!! BEST SHOW!

Not Black Mirror.
Treasures from the WRECK of the unbelievable. Watch it!

Dave Chappelle 
Chappelle was very uplif…