Best Wonder Woman Action Figure Doll - Review Round-Up

What's The Best Wonder Woman Action Figure 

A Review Round-Up

After watching the Wonder Woman movie, everyone is racing to get a Wonder Woman action figure doll, but before buying one it's best to look at all the options. Below we'll go through the Wonder Woman action figures on Amazon and review each one.

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The DC Wonder Woman Battle-Ready Doll, 12", by Mattel

This action figure received 4.3 stars out of a total of 168 customer reviews. The price is $14.99, discounted to $10.59 (as of 1/7/2018). This one is available for 2 day Prime shipping.

This action figure is pretty nice, but it lacks a hidden sheath (as advertised) for her sword, which isn't so bad because the sword will slip down her dress (which is probably what they mean by "hidden". The doll also does not come with a stand, but if you're looking for a collectible, this probably isn't the best one. The sword does go into Wonder Woman's hand pretty nicely. The hair is also high quality, but the dress is not. The boots are pretty cool.

Mattel's DC Justice League True-Moves Series Wonder Woman Figure, 12"

This Wonder Woman figuring got 4.8 stars from a total of 12 customer reviews, and it's easy to see why - this action figure looks just like Gal Gadot! It's a bit more expensive at $25.28 (even though the advertised price is $27.95), but it does have Prime, so there is the free 2 day shipping. The only downside is the rope stays on her side, so she doesn't have anything to hold.

Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman 12"

 This Wonderwoman doll by Mattel is 12 inches high, and got 4.5 stars on Amazon out of 48 customer reviews. This action figure has 10 joints of movement (no articulation in the ankles) and is very detailed, with its iconic costume. The biggest complaint with this one is the leg joints seem to be stiff, but other than that it's a nice doll with a great sculpt (head & body). A good statuette to play with, or to put in the office (for adults). It is however not available to purchase directly on Amazon, but other sellers via Amazon.

Medicom Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Wonder Woman MAF EX Action Figure

This is the most expensive Wonder Woman figure at $52 plus $5.30 shipping, but the one that also got the lowest rating (3.5 out of 5 stars), out of a total of 28 customer reviews. It does come with a lasso, sword, shield, and the costume she wore in Batman vs. Superman. Based on the reviews, buyers should beware that the pins on the hands are easily broken, the blue skirt paint may come off easily, but the articulation is great.


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