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Black Mirror USS Callister Ending Explained

USS Callister Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert

(Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 1)

Black Mirror episodes usually have bad endings, but USS Callister actually seems to have a happy ending, at least for those who "Captain Daly" imprisoned in his digital game of Infinity, because if you've watched it, you saw it end like this: 

  • The imprisoned crew of the USS Callister headed for the worm hole (update) and made it through.
  • Captain Daly was left stranded in space, with his ship or remote not working to get him out of there or out of the game and into the real world. 
  • The USS Callister crew are shown on the other side of the worm hole, as having escaped from Captain Daly's custom game, and catapulted into a larger universe where they can roam freely, as they wish, and meet other players, and live their lives. 
  • It is noted that they have their "bodies" back, whereas in Captain Daly's world, he had removed their genitals and anus, and replaced them with plain numb mounds of digital flesh. He had also turned some crew into monsters, and other ones blue. So, any who made it through the wormhole got their bodies exactly the way they would have been in the real world. 
  • At the end of the flick, they hear the voice of another gamer (691) demanding they exit his space quadrant unless they have something to trade...and this is one of the first hints that Black Mirror's ending cannot be explained, as Digital Spy explains, away as so positive. For example, now that they have escaped and crew member Nanette is now captain, she and the crew face a universe of a*holes like Captain Daly. 
  • Another theory suggests that the real Nanette will be arrested for the murder of the real Robert Daly, since she broke into his home just before he died (after being stuck his custom game that was deleted in a system wide update). 

Unanswered Questions

  1. Did Walton die? Yes, he was burned up fixing the engine, and then as scattered ash or burned man, he was deleted when the update took place. A few people discuss this on reddit here. Although another theory says he did not die, he's just sitting there in the deleted files existing as char.

Episode Summary (for those who haven't watch it)

Robert Daly is a CTO of a gaming company (Infinity) he created. The episode starts with him inside a custom version of the game he designed, along with a crew of digital copies of his coworkers and the company CEO (Walton), who humiliates him in real life. The game they are inside is like Star Trek.The episode revolved around the "Star Fleet" (read Star Trek) superfan Robert Daly escaping his unsatisfying work life through a virtual reality game of his own making that allows him to play as captain of his own crew. But, adding creep factor to pitifulness, the crew members aren't just a bunch of programmed NPCs. They're digital copies of his coworkers' actual consciousness, enslaved to an eternity of this empty half-life where they must act out his nerd wet dreams — or suffer the consequences.

In the end, though, the crew manages to narrowly escape through a black hole that brings them to the game's larger online world, leaving Robert to rot in a black purgatory of broken code.

Film Information

Reviews & Ratings

USS Callister got rave reviews, 8.4 stars out of 10 on IMDB, out of over 21k ratings! 


Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly
Cristin Milioti as Nanette Cole
Billy Magnussen asValdack
Jimmi Simpson as Walton
Osy Ikhile as Nate Packer
Michaela Cole as Shania
Paul Raymond as Kabir

Full credits / cast here

USS Callister Trailer, below

To watch USS Callister on Netflix, here is the link.


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