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Is Netflix's Dirty Money Series Real Or Just "Made For TV"?

Is "Dirty Money" Series For Real?

Dirty Money episodes are based on real news and investigations about the scandals it brings back into the forefront, some however are based on old information and flimsy facts, as described in the analysis below.

Below is a summary of each episode along with fact checked news substantiating each claim: 

  1. Hard NOx episode - highlights Volkswagen's clean diesel fraud. What makes this such a disappointment is that the company let those down who were trying to help the Earth the most, the green party, the hippies, the tree hugging peace lilies, the idealists, so of course they are going to be upset and enraged, along with everyone else who believed the lies (the scandal explained objectively by BBC
  2. Payday episode is about a famous racecar driver, Scott Tucker who was convicted and sentenced to serve over 16 years in prison for cheating people in a Payday Loans scam that ran from 1997-2013 - Chicago Tribune 
  3. Drug Short is about drug maker gone bad, namely Valeant Pharmaceuticals (CBC reports on The Rise & Fall of Valeant & Reuters reports on the fraud & kickbacks)
  4. Cartel Bank episode #4 is about how HSBC has ties to the Mexican cartels. This show is based on older information, Rolling Stone ran a piece in 2012 talking about how the HSBC settlement after being caught for laundering billions for the cartels. Is HSBC still laundering money for cartels? That is the question, or what about other big banks.
  5. Maple Syrup Heist is an episode in Dirty Money that's about a big heist that involved stealing tons of maple search. Time ran an article on this. Yes, it really happened, but it breaks from the whole wealthy establishment conning and stealing from the poor theme, end of revolution?
  6. The Confidence Man is an episode on Dirty Money that is getting the most attention because it basically accuses Donald Trump of being a con man, who has shammed and lied with his dirty businesses and "shady deals". There is a lot of recent news highlighting Donald Trump's supposed dirty business and con jobs, but this episode does not site a lot of evidence, so this may be less "real" in terms of citing an actual conviction like previous episodes can. So, less fact can support this episode. The NYTimes ran a review on it as well.

Our Review Of Dirty Money

Upon watching it, (in this reviewer's opinion) the production seems hyped and overly dramatized to fan the American ire, on the verge of stoking revolution, against the wealthy. This is done by showing seemingly innocent victims being "taken" by phony cons and frauds. Because each episode is based on fact, and really happened, this series will naturally become an authority itself in outing the frauds harming honest people, but it's best to do your own research before getting taken over by the emotion these dramatic documentaries seek to create in those watching.

Dirty Money Info, Release Date, Reviews, Watch It Link

Netflix's new series, Dirty Money (trailer here), six part series, was just released on Netflix (watch it here) January 26, 2018. Dirty Money reviews were very good, 8.4 stars out of 10 on IMDB


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