Netflix's Acts of Vengeance Movie Ending Explained - Spoilers

Acts of Vengeance Ending Explained - Spoilers

Spoiler alert, do not read on if you don't want to know who the killer was in Acts of Vengeance. The first question anyone might ask about Netflix's Acts of Vengeance movie is, who killed Frank's wife and child? Frank (the lawyer) is led to believe the killer is the Russian mafia for most of the film, but he finally finds out that the killer is a cop (Hank Strode). The reason the cop killed Frank's family was because a criminal Frank helped get back on the streets killed Hank's 12 year old daughter. A cycle of vengeance.

Movie Information: Synopsis 

Acts of Vengeance, released in 2017, is a movie of revenge, about a lawyer (Frank, played by Antonio Banderas) who loses his wife and child to a mysterious hit that the police detectives can't solve. So, Frank figures out he is punishing the wrong person (himself) by drinking and staying down, and learns to fight, and goes back to the scene of the crime to investigate. 

He has a run in with a gang and gets shot, and is rescued by an ER nurse named Alma, who nurses him back to health, and after that they both search for the killers. Throughout the movie, she gives him clues about the man who she thinks killed his family. In his quest to find the killer, he beats his suspects up and shows them a picture of his family to see if they recognize him (saying "there was no death in this man's eyes" when he wasn't the killer). 

Throughout Marcus Aurelius quotes from Meditations pops up in the Acts of Vengeance movie, which is a source of inspiration for Frank to keep his vow of silence and press on to ultimately find out that the killer is a cop (Hank Strode). They have a show down in the warehouse where Frank's wife and kid was killed by Hank. The cop tells Frank he killed his family because Frank helped a criminal get back on the streets, and that criminal killed the cop's little girl. 


During their showdown, Frank has the chance to kill Hank, but decides not too, quoting the greatest stoic, "The best revenge is to be unlike your enemy".

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The re views vary for Acts of Vengeance, from 5.6 stars out of ten on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes says 20% of people liked it, and there are quite a few sites like this one that write up a good synopsis. This movie has been named also as one of the best revenge movies. Redditers basically say Banderas is washed up, an old guy who is losing gigs to his outdated caesar haircut, and the film is basically a Punisher knock off.


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