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Netflix's "The Open House" Movie - Ending Explained, Spoiler Alert

"The Open House" Ending Explained, Spoilers

Netflix recently released the new horror movie, "The Open House", to horrible reviews. The first, big question (spoiler alert) is who was the killer? This movie does not give us the satisfaction of knowing! It gives us no answers, and all those scary mysteries Netlfix promises in the film details, unexplained! And, everybody dies. There was no reason for anyone to watch and kill them, just a bunch of random scare tactics by the directors, and a big let down. How about that for a crappy flick to waste a Friday night on. 

Our Review  - Zero Stars! (with a nod to the semi OK acting by decent cast)

 Lots of red herrings, build ups for no reason, bad plot (could have been summed up in 10 minutes), lots of things happening but no explanation, and everybody dies with no answer to who the killer is nor the motive. No there was no ghosts to explain the weird stuff that happens (which would have been better than the meaningless drama ). The whole thing was just empty build-ups of anticipation, and then...nothing. Let-down! Again, movie watchers will get no answers in this movie (part of the reason for watching a horror flick right (other than to get a little fear rush), to find out who the killer is, so there is really no spoiler to spoil. Out of over 400 Netflix member reviews, there were mainly one and two star reviews because of the "false starts and dead ends". 

The Open House - Movie Information

If you want to watch Netflix's new 2018 horror movie, directed by Coote & Angel, The Open House, here is the link. After a horrible accident a teen boy and his mom goes off to an empty vacation home (owned by a family member) where bad things start to happen (which makes this a horror / psychological thriller)

Actors & actresses who starred in this film included (main cast): Dylan Minnette, Piercey Dalton, Patricia Bethune, Sharif Atkins, Aaron Abrams

Time: 1 hour & 34 minutes (of total wasted time, so don't bother watching this one!)


Here's the "The Open House" movie trailer on Youtube, and here is a link to the trailer on Netflix. 

Open House Movie Reviews

If you did not want to read the spoilers, then you can check out one of the many Open House movie reviews, like this one that promise not to ruin the plot or reveal the surprises:

Many reviews were bad, with horror movie enthusiasts really hating on this film, one reviewer actually re-wrote the movie script here, saying it should have been rewritten because it wasn't so bad how they die, but how it came about, and that there should have been more of a fight than what the movie gave.


  1. If it was accidental death, there should have been double the amount on life insurance policy . Why was she so broke ? That is one of many loose ends.

    1. Thats true, she also said the father didnt care and left them with nothing. There is a lot about their relationship we dont know. Another question is why did the nice guy comes to check out the house and looks like he is up to no good, heading to the basement? I think is not just about the killer, there is something about the house too.

  2. Chris had a twin, and he got jealous Chris was leaving their incest relationship to try and have a normal one with the new white widow(knowing they were racists before her husband and the son's dad died) Chris knew she would have lower expectations since she was broke and lonely and had a teenager to take care of, he(Chris) could be the light at the end of the tunnel, not knowing his past but unfortunately for everyone Chris's twin still loved his brother more than anything so he thought if he can't have him nobody would, so the killing spree started and Chris's twin in the end, ended up marrying Martha and since Martha had Alzheimer Chris twin could be both ppl so everyone was happy.

    1. This explanation was actually better than the entire movie

    2. Lol.. I really think Martha used to own the house and had lost it. I think either her husband was the real killer or the guy who worked on the hot water heater as you recall Martha told Josh no one would ever get that house. But either way I was mad at the end.

  3. It was a good movie the only thing that got me mad was the cliff hanger. I wanted to beat the crap out of that person of how he took advantage of her breaking her fingers. Because it was like no reason. But what I think is that he goes to random open houses and kill people or just that specific house.

  4. I had to restart this movie four times because I was determined to give it a chance...I wish I trusted my instincts to give up on it. This was horrible...OMG! No explanation, no motive, nothing. I'm mad that I kept waking up to complete this snoozer. Dang!! It was so boring... I thought maybe...jus's going to surprise me in the end. Nope. Nothing. I would like an apology. Smh.

  5. My husband and I are so disgusted we wasted our Saturday night on this TOTAL GARBAGE of a movie. The thing that frustrated us most, was the build-up and scare factor was pretty darn good in the last 20 minutes, making you WANT to know WHO was behind it all! Then, we don’t find out even ONE thing! NETFLIX YOU SUCK! I want my money back! I’m switching to Hulu!

  6. Why isn't Logan attending school? His mom promised that they would be home for graduation...

  7. How is he going to kill people in the open house when people that go to open house don't stay?

    1. You did not pay attention to what was really goin on....


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