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Mute Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert - Netflix Original Movie

Netflix's Mute Movie Ending Explained
Netlfix released the movie (watch here) Mute about a mute bartender named Leo who is unable to talk because of a terrible boating accident he was in as a kid. He starts dating Naadirah, a woman who is living a double life. When Naddirah is killed, the movie becomes a detective story, which is 100% spoiled in this ending explained reveal article :

Reviews Mute received poor ratings and reviews (here's one), mostly because it tried to be a BladeRunner and just failed to grab people in that way. There is really nothing relatable or very interesting about this film, so it's another strike out for Netflix.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season One Review and Spoilers

Anthology review
This ten episode Sci-fi anthology was quietly released at the end of 2017, you can watch a trailer here. It is based off of Philip K. Dick’s lesser known sci-fi short stories, though it greatly expands on the stories and updates them as they were all written during the 1950's. I believe it is Amazon’s attempt to cash in on the name Philip Dick following the success of the first two seasons of Man in the High Castle. Which if you have not seen it, do so- immediately. It is brilliant, you can watch a trailer for it here. It is much the same as other sci-fi anthology series which are making a come back partially in thanks to Netflix’s Black Mirror. While I wasn’t a fan of episode one, you can see my rant here. I did enjoy the rest of the series.

The series isn’t as dark or startling as Black Mirror, gearing more towards the mysterious rather than unsettling. Each episode is a stand alone episode, there’s no need to watch them in order nor do they overlap in any way.…

Happy Death Day Explained - Spoilers

Happy Death Day Spoilers & Explanation
How would you feel, if you were caught in a time loop? How would you feel, if you actually had to die not once, but infinite number of times, to save yourself from death? How would you feel, if you were betrayed by the ones you most believe? Well, that’s the life of Theresa “Tree” Gelbman’s life, in the movie Happy Death Day. The movie received a lot of positive reviews, though the reviewers and critiques weren’t impressed, because the premise of the story had already been discussed. Here’s a review and analysis of the movie, but there are a lot of spoilers, so scroll down at your own risk! – Spoiler Alert –

*other spoilers here

Tree, on her birthday wakes up at Carter’s dorm, hungover after getting wasted the night before. She then goes on about her normal course of life, being the insensitive person that she is. She dismisses every wish from her acquaintance, and denies to have dinner with her father, and also has an affair with Dr. Gregor…

Blood Money Movie Ending Explained - Spoilers

Blood Money Spoilers - Ending Explained Of course, we know what's going to happen when more than one person finds a bag of money, right? Everyone fights for it, and in this movie, dies. Yes, everyone dies going for the money, except for Lynn. The movie ends with her bring the money out of the wild. That's the ending explained for Blood Money in a nutshell. 
Blood Money Trailer, below

The long way of telling it is that during a weekend trip into the wild, several buddies Victor, his ex-gal Lynn  & and Jeff (who's into Lynn now) find some bags of money in the woods, a veritable fortune. The "bad guy", Miller (played by John Cusack) is owner of this money and of course is looking for it. 
Jeff is the first to die, when Miller and Lynn are pulling the money bags and he gets caught in the struggle. Next is Miller who gets hit over the head with a pipe by Lynn, who then takes Miller's gun and shoots the last person (Victor) and makes off with that cash herself…

Famous Christmas Movie Quote Round-Up

Famous Christmas Movie Quote - A List of the Best Every Christmas folks think of the movies they've seen through the years, and want to know a quote that made them smile back then, maybe to use it themselves in a card, or a toast, or whatever. So, we've compiled a list of famous Christmas quotes from movies like Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Ernest Saves Christmas, etc. Many of the characters in these Christmas classics said something very memorable, so memorable in fact that it's now famous. Whether it is a quote from Buddy, Ralphie, Zuzu, or Kris Kringle, we've got you covered in this below best of list of famous Christmas movie quotes: 
“Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.” It’s a Wonderful Life

 “Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn; the clean, cool chill of the holiday air; and an a**hole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer.”

Christmas Vacation 
“Hey, I'm n…

What Movie Should I Watch Right Now? Take This Quiz To Find Out

What Movie Should I Watch Right Now - Quiz What movie should I watch? Doesn't matter when, tonight, right now, whenever you're ready. If you want to know what movie to watch, then take this 10 question quiz to determine the exact movie you should watch, based on your interests (and some other things, like even music preference). Please comment on whether the results fit your exact wishes, as we would like to make sure to offer the best quiz possible to make accurate predictions! 
ProProfs Test Maker

Dark season one- the meaty bits explained. Spoilers

Down the rabbit hole [Spoilers]Dark is aptly named, it is a twisted complex story of a town that has a time travelling worm hole and the citizens who fall in. The story can be watched subtitled in its original German or dubbed into English. It isn't easily binge-able, as it took me three or four days to wade through the heaviness of the script and topics. But it is well worth the wild ride down the rabbit hole where you wind up not in wonderland, but Winden, Germany. The time loop/continuum will mess with you- a lot. The trailer is located here

The story takes place in Winden, Germany in three different years, 33 years apart- 1953, 1986 & 2019. 33 is an incredibly important number in this series, as it is one solar/lunar cycle. It pops up throughout the season, if you pay attention. It revolves around four families- Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler and Tiedemann. 
Winden is a small German town which is occupied by a nuclear power plant. While comparisons to Stranger Things will be …

Fullmetal Alchemist Explained - Spoilers - A Netflix Original

Netflix Original  Fullmetal Alchemist Spoilers - Explanation  Spoiler Alert, ending explained!  There are usually a lot of spoilers and ending explained theories on every movie. Some anime movies like this one have interesting twists, but Fullmetal Alchemist is pretty straight forward, as you can read in the summary below. In the end the two brothers fight a lot of distracted wars, and do not end up getting their body parts back, thus setting the stage for a sequel. Here is a Reddit Fullmetal spoilers page to watch.
Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Summary
Fullmetal Alchemist, based upon the 2001-2010 Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawawas just released to Netflix (watch free here, for members), as an original network film. This movie is about two brothers (Edward and Alphonse Elric) who attempt to bring their deceased mother back using their father's books (the father had already left them). In this failed attempt, one brother ( Edward) lost and arm an…

Unanswered questions about Real Life

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Episode 1 I went into the first episode of Real Life (watch here) with high expectations, these expectations were never met, but in this article I'll explain episode 1 of Real Life and share spoilers!

Spoiler Alert - Spoilers Ahead!  The episode follows Sarah, Anna Paquin, as a futuristic, lesbian super cop with PTSD and George, Terrence Howard, a technology CEO, widower searching for his wife’s murderer. The premise is that Sarah wants to escape the harsh reality of her life and go on a virtual reality vacation. She goes on this ‘vacation’ and wakes up as George. George lives a tortured existence, being unable to find his wife’s murderer and is masquerading as 2012’s Batman.

Sarah keeps going back into the virtual reality ‘vacation’ and ultimately chooses to stay in George’s reality sacrificing her own. This lead me to some difficulties, Sarah lives in a teenager’s wet dream, she has a flying car, a hot lesbian wife and is a super cop. She says …

Black Panther Movie Ending Explained - Spoilers

Black Panther Two Endings Explained - 2018 Box Office Release It's a spoiler alert to do this, but we're doing it, so read on at your own risk! Black Panther ending explained - who won the fight between T’Challa (Black Panther) and N’Jadaka (Killmonger) in mines below Wakanda? T’Challa wins. He kills his cousin N’Jadaka, over a battle of ideals (Black Panther standing for traditional values and his challenger Killmonger representing change and progress). Of course there is a revenge play in there too. This is the classic alpha / beta fight, the David and Goliath, but this time with Goliath winning, in an ironic twist, since Black Panther is supposed to be the hero. In this film, he upholds the tradition of Wakanda to keep it safe from the world. But, in the end T'Challa ultimately compromises and takes inspiration from N'Jadaka's to move the nation toward progress. Did N'Jadaka really die at the end? Yes, he did, even though T'Challa could have saved him, …

I Am Dragon Movie Explained - Ending - Spoilers

I Am Dragon - Ending Explained  Spoiler alert! Those who watched the I Am Dragon movie (free for Amazon Prime members) probably easily figured out that the dragon in the movie was the man Arman, but the big spoiler and ending explained reveal here is that yes, Arman is the man who turns into a dragon who then goes to the island to capture brides, but what we do not find out until the end is why he does it. The dragon goes to get these women from the island and brings them back to his own island (made from the bones of the first dragon who started it all - a much much bigger dragon) in order to burn them into ash, from which their offspring comes. So that is how these dragon / men creatures procreate. They must bring back these women, burn them until they hatch an offspring for them. Then, that offspring will grow up as a boy until he is ready to jump from the stone plank and transform into a dragon.

Ending Explained While, we might assume that Arman the man / dragon will kill Mira (t…

The Ritual Ending Explained - Spoilers

The Ritual Ending Explained Netflix released (watch the movie here) The Ritual in 2018, and those who have watched it want the ending explained, and questions answered, like what was the monster. This whole movie led up to
one guy (Luke) facing his shame, fears, regrets through the monster that is likely a son of Loki, the trickster god. In the end, everyone dies except this man who the monster ends up letting go (after Luke put an ax through its head). Luke had the chance to live forever by worshiping the monster (like the room full of decaying people who the boys found in the room that basically stayed alive by worshiping the creature), but decided to face his regrets and fears and overcome them. 
It seemed this dark god could smell out a fearful coward (which is its goal), and manipulate them into worshiping him by playing on their fears in life and of death. Those who are not afraid gets killed right away. But, then why does the monster let Luke go in the end? The monster does n…

Imposters Season 1 Ending Explained - Spoilers

Imposters Ending Explained & Spoilers For Season 1 If you've watched Impostors Season 1 on Netflix , then you want Imposters's ending explained. Maddie (the lady who conned Ezra, Jules, and Richard into marrying her) marries Patrick (who she really fell in love with but later finds he's an FBI agent) but then skips off with the bag of money the FBI brought to lure the doctor. Turns out the doctor left without grabbing the money (we don't know if he was really "the doctor"). Max was supposed to get the money, but when he opens it, it's just stuffing and a note from Maddie saying that was for Sally (who he got killed). Ezra, Richard, and Jules all left the wedding as decoys and met in a bus waiting for Maddie (who never showed up - although she watched them leave from across the street). Turns out Ezra got away with the ring Patrick gave to Maddie, and the three revel in their freedom and new con skills (that got them all out of their depression and of…

Aeon Flux Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert!

Aeon Flux Spoilers - Ending Explanation If you've recently watched Aeon Flux on Netflix , you might have some questions about the movie, and the ending that needs to be explained. Let's get right to it in this "ending explained" article, to look at how the movie ends: Aeon Flux gets the rebels (monicans) of the idealistic city state Bregna to disregard the rebel leader (handler) and rally to wipe out Oren (who runs Bregna). The dirigible (keeping all the population's dna) rams into the wall around Bregna revealing that the Earth is not a wasteland. This revelation shows that while Bregna may have initially been a safe haven from the virus that killed off most of humanity, it was no longer a problem, and that the city state inhabitants were being cloned over and over in order to be totally controlled by Oren Goodchild and family.

List of Spoilers: 

in 2011 there was a virus that wiped out Earth's population and the rest moved to Bregna to survive, though over t…

The Cloverfield Paradox Explained - Netflix Surprise

Cloverfield Paradox Explained  Premiering After Superbowl, Sunday February 4th, 2018, watch here on Netflix What is The Cloverfield Paradox? To explain 2018's Cloverfield Paradox, which is a prequel of the earlier movies, 2009 Cloverfield (trailer here) & the 2016, 10 Cloverfield lane (trailer here). The first Cloverfield movies explains that what arrived was actually a monster that was woken up in the Atlantic by submarines. Some speculated it was an alien, but what fell from the sky was a Japanese satellite. This monster is not an alien, but something that that evolved from an unknown time, though it is apparent that the creature is ancient and very old. At the end of Cloverfield the monster after growing rapidly on the Ocean floor nectar (a growth steroid), it went into a kind of hibernation, after ravaging New York City, etc. 
Fast forward to 2018, and the promotions for the movie is nearly the same....something happened. something arrived. That was ten years ago. Now we …

Banking On Bitcoin Review | Netflix Documentary

Bitcoin Documentary 2017 - Banking On Bitcoin Critical Review The 2017 bitcoin documentary, Banking On Bitcoin, received a lot of reviews when it was released to Netflix. Most of the best Netflix bitcoin documentary reviews summed the documentary up as a long commercial for bitcoin, highly dramatized, and not at all educational about what bitcoin or blockchain really is. If you want to see a film on what bitcoin really is, this is not the one to watch, but if you want to learn more about the people involved in bitcoin, then this documentary does feature a lot of related personalities.

Trailer, below

If you wanted to know what the best bitcoin documentary was, this is NOT it. Here are some others that might be better.

The latest bitcoin news suggests this new cryptocurrency will keep rising and crashing. As of February 2018, bitcoin is falling and crashing with traders losing 115 billion in 24 hours. This roller coaster ride makes it likely we'll see more documentaries, probably a…

Kakegurui Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert | Netflix Anime

Kakegurui Anime Ending Explained - Big Spoilers Ahead!  A Netflix Anime Release With An Original Ending
The biggest spoiler is knowing what happens when Yumeko takes on Kirari (the student council pres) in a gambling match in the last episode of Kakegurui, the trending anime series on Netflix. Who wins the gambling match between Yumeko and Kirari? Neither win, it is a tie, a draw, here's how it happens, play by play.

Final Episode (12) Summary The final battle in the kakegurui episode list of 12, each lasting about 25 minutes begins with Yumeko's friends trying to talk her into cheating in the match with Kirari, because going against the president could be devastating. "I have no need for impurities," said Yumeko. When the match begins, Runa Yomozuki the referee goes over the rules. 
The tarot cards of fate is the name of the final gambling game. Three will select one card from the deck of Major Arcana's 22 cards. Each card in the deck has a number from 0-21, so…

Jedi Meditation Techniques - How To Harness The Force

Jedi Meditation Techniques - How To Really Use The Force If you've watch any of the Star Wars movies, you are familiar with the force. There are many mystical techniques and training secrets the Jedi use to harness and use the force for good. Among them, Jedi meditation techniques. We see these in action, for example, in The Phantom Menace , when Qui Gon Jinn played by Liam Neeson goes down to his knees for a quick Jedi meditation when a glass door separates him from Darth Maul, in Jinn's final battle.

Do you want to learn to do a Jedi meditation like Qui Gon Jinn, when life gets hairy, and you need not lose your cool?

Are Jedi Mediation Techniques Real? "The majority of Jedi Meditation is based or derived from Taoist Meditations. It would work because it already DOES work!! The Force is really Qi. Energy. We are energy. We are light. We are our own Life Force. The best ways to get to know more about Star Wars is to study Taoism, Qi, and Eastern philosophies. Yoda states…