Aeon Flux Ending Explained - Spoiler Alert!

Aeon Flux Spoilers - Ending Explanation

If you've recently watched Aeon Flux on Netflix , you might have some questions about the movie, and the ending that needs to be explained. Let's get right to it in this "ending explained" article, to look at how the movie ends: Aeon Flux gets the rebels (monicans) of the idealistic city state Bregna to disregard the rebel leader (handler) and rally to wipe out Oren (who runs Bregna). The dirigible (keeping all the population's dna) rams into the wall around Bregna revealing that the Earth is not a wasteland. This revelation shows that while Bregna may have initially been a safe haven from the virus that killed off most of humanity, it was no longer a problem, and that the city state inhabitants were being cloned over and over in order to be totally controlled by Oren Goodchild and family.

List of Spoilers: 

  • in 2011 there was a virus that wiped out Earth's population and the rest moved to Bregna to survive, though over time the population being held in place in the city state within a wall became more a place to control the population than protect it.
  • the population of those who survived the 2011 virus were not a natural born people, but cloned over and over by dna that was stored, which is what caused the nightmares everyone has (from previous lifetimes)
  • the rebels are actually controlled by the very establishment (members of the council) it seeks to undermine.
  • although the cure for the virus caused humans to be unable to get pregnant, the body found a way to overcome that, yet the cloning continued to maintain control. 
  • the Earth was not dangerous any longer as it was revealed to be lush once the wall fell at the end of the movie. 

Aeon Flux Summary: 

Here's a great summary of Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux Reviews: 

Aeon Flux got poor reviews, 3.4 out of 10 from Rotten Tomatoes


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