Black Panther Movie Ending Explained - Spoilers

Black Panther Two Endings Explained - 2018 Box Office Release

It's a spoiler alert to do this, but we're doing it, so read on at your own risk! Black Panther ending explained - who won the fight between T’Challa (Black Panther) and N’Jadaka (Killmonger) in mines below Wakanda? T’Challa wins. He kills his cousin N’Jadaka, over a battle of ideals (Black Panther standing for traditional values and his challenger Killmonger representing change and progress). Of course there is a revenge play in there too. This is the classic alpha / beta fight, the David and Goliath, but this time with Goliath winning, in an ironic twist, since Black Panther is supposed to be the hero. In this film, he upholds the tradition of Wakanda to keep it safe from the world. But, in the end T'Challa ultimately compromises and takes inspiration from N'Jadaka's to move the nation toward progress. Did N'Jadaka really die at the end? Yes, he did, even though T'Challa could have saved him, he chose death, and ironically a traditional burial. Other sites like CBR go into deeper detail

Two End Credit Scenes Explained

To explain what the two Black Panther end credit scenes mean (and read it here too): 

  1. In end credit #1, Black Panther says to the UN  that he wants to share Wakanda's secrets with the world to end their isolation, and a mysterious figures questions what it really has to offer.  BP smiles at this because ultimately when we explain it, Wakanda is actually the most tech empowered country in the world and will ultimately save Earth from Thanos in Infinity War.
  2. In end credit #2 Black Panther's sister, Shuri awakens the Winter Solider and puts Wakanda on his radar. To explain it we must look at this as offering closure to the end of the movie Winter Solider where Bucky (WS) is put to sleep until he can be cured of his brainwashing (which is obviously done now, again demonstrating the hidden power of Wakanda). 

Black Panther Trailer 2, extended, below


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