Blood Money Movie Ending Explained - Spoilers

Blood Money Spoilers - Ending Explained

Of course, we know what's going to happen when more than one person finds a bag of money, right? Everyone fights for it, and in this movie, dies. Yes, everyone dies going for the money, except for Lynn. The movie ends with her bring the money out of the wild. That's the ending explained for Blood Money in a nutshell. 

Blood Money Trailer, below

The long way of telling it is that during a weekend trip into the wild, several buddies Victor, his ex-gal Lynn  & and Jeff (who's into Lynn now) find some bags of money in the woods, a veritable fortune. The "bad guy", Miller (played by John Cusack) is owner of this money and of course is looking for it. 

Jeff is the first to die, when Miller and Lynn are pulling the money bags and he gets caught in the struggle. Next is Miller who gets hit over the head with a pipe by Lynn, who then takes Miller's gun and shoots the last person (Victor) and makes off with that cash herself. A story of greed, and murder. 

Release Date

Blood Money was released by Sabian Films in 2017, and is featured on Netlflix as of now, February 2018. 


Blood Money got a 6.1 out of 10 on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes gives it 57%


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