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Happy Death Day Explained - Spoilers

Happy Death Day Spoilers & Explanation

How would you feel, if you were caught in a time loop? How would you feel, if you actually had to die not once, but infinite number of times, to save yourself from death? How would you feel, if you were betrayed by the ones you most believe? Well, that’s the life of Theresa “Tree” Gelbman’s life, in the movie Happy Death Day. The movie received a lot of positive reviews, though the reviewers and critiques weren’t impressed, because the premise of the story had already been discussed. Here’s a review and analysis of the movie, but there are a lot of spoilers, so scroll down at your own risk! – Spoiler Alert –

*other spoilers here

Tree, on her birthday wakes up at Carter’s dorm, hungover after getting wasted the night before. She then goes on about her normal course of life, being the insensitive person that she is. She dismisses every wish from her acquaintance, and denies to have dinner with her father, and also has an affair with Dr. Gregory Butler. At the end of the day, she gets lured in, by a hooded figure, into a secluded tunnel, only to be killed.

The next morning, she wakes up at Carter’s dorm, to the previous day. She realizes, ever so quickly, that she is in a time loop, and she has to find the killer in order to get out of the loop. After several failed attempts of ignoring the tunnel, and hiding from death, she gets set to find the killer and kill him before he kills her. In the process, she also strives to right every wrong she has ever committer, from being indifferent to her class mates, to ignoring her father. She sincerely talks and empathizes with her classmates, and even meets her father to have a dinner together, while also attempting to track down her killer.

She learns that a serial killer is in the college premises, and confirms that he is the killer. She then goes on to find that his name is John Tombs. She sets out to find Tombs, and to stop him from fleeing the college hospital. She fails a few times, and she continues to go through
the time loop, every time. She dies several deaths, in a several ways. Butchered by a baseball bat, killed in her own bathroom, run over by a car, and so on. Even Carter gets killed in one of the loops where he tries to stop Tomb from escaping the hospital, and Tree then hangs herself in order to protect Carter.

She finally catches Tombs, and uses the blackout that happens in her college, to get ahold of
him and kill him. She is finally relieved, and believes that she is out of the time loop. She
wakes up the next morning, to find out that she is still in the loop, and gets confused. She
then over runs in her mind, what all she did after killing Tombs, that she hasn’t done before
in the loops.

She realizes that she takes a cup cake, from Lori. She also realizes that she has never
accepted Lori’s offer, and it was different in the last time loop. In the loop that she is now,
she confronts Lori by asking her to eat it first. When she refuses, she finds that the cake has
been poisoned, and whenever she refused it, Lori killed her in disguise, and used Tombs as a
convenient escape. The reason and motive behind Lori wanting to kill Tree was the affair
she has with Mr. Butler. This time, Tomb was out of the way, and Lori was caught red
handed. Tree then kills Lori, by stuffing the poisoned cake down her throat and kicking her
out of the window.

The loop has stopped, and finally Tree and Carter make it clear to each other that they were
in love. The film does end in a happy note. Now for the review, the film, as said by many of the critiques, looks like a mash up between Scream and Groundhog Day. The premise in which the story is set, and how the film moves, and the time loop has already been taken up by many of the movies. Edge of Tomorrow is one example, where time loop was handled exceptionally well. The reason of the loop was undeniable, wherein the reason isn’t as clear in the Happy Death Day. It would be
incomplete if not for the cast! The cast has done a decent work, proving that they are
worthy of the movie and they have carried the movie in their shoulders.

Bottom line, the movie does move you to the edge of your seat, and does have a very
surprising ending. All the elements needed for a thriller is there, and still something feels
missing. A fresher plot, maybe?

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