I Am Dragon Movie Explained - Ending - Spoilers

I Am Dragon - Ending Explained 

Spoiler alert! Those who watched the I Am Dragon movie (free for Amazon Prime members) probably easily figured out that the dragon in the movie was the man Arman, but the big spoiler and ending explained reveal here is that yes, Arman is the man who turns into a dragon who then goes to the island to capture brides, but what we do not find out until the end is why he does it. The dragon goes to get these women from the island and brings them back to his own island (made from the bones of the first dragon who started it all - a much much bigger dragon) in order to burn them into ash, from which their offspring comes. So that is how these dragon / men creatures procreate. They must bring back these women, burn them until they hatch an offspring for them. Then, that offspring will grow up as a boy until he is ready to jump from the stone plank and transform into a dragon.

Ending Explained

While, we might assume that Arman the man / dragon will kill Mira (the princess bride he stole from on her wedding day) in order to continue the line of dragons, she falls in love with him and through that love, they mate the human way and have a daughter, breaking the violent cycle of continuing the dragon line. Obviously their daughter will be a dragon, but the question is how will she keep the line going? She will need to leave the island and find a man herself of course. 

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NOTE: I Am Dragon was originally a Russian film release named He's a Dragon that flopped. It was relaunched in 2017 as I Am Dragon and is featured on Amazon with English subtitles.

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I Am Dragon Movie Reviews

Despite a big flop in Russia, the relaunch in the USA received good reviews, 4.7 according to this website.


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