Imposters Season 1 Ending Explained - Spoilers

Imposters Ending Explained & Spoilers For Season 1

If you've watched Impostors Season 1 on Netflix , then you want Imposters's ending explained. Maddie (the lady who conned Ezra, Jules, and Richard into marrying her) marries Patrick (who she really fell in love with but later finds he's an FBI agent) but then skips off with the bag of money the FBI brought to lure the doctor. Turns out the doctor left without grabbing the money (we don't know if he was really "the doctor"). Max was supposed to get the money, but when he opens it, it's just stuffing and a note from Maddie saying that was for Sally (who he got killed). Ezra, Richard, and Jules all left the wedding as decoys and met in a bus waiting for Maddie (who never showed up - although she watched them leave from across the street). Turns out Ezra got away with the ring Patrick gave to Maddie, and the three revel in their freedom and new con skills (that got them all out of their depression and off to track down Maddie). 


Who Is The Doctor In Imposters?

There are articles like this  that try to answer the question (who is the doctor), but the only real glimpse we see of the doctor in Imposters is when he picks up the phone during surgery. But, the reality is we never learn who the doctor is, but maybe that will be more about what Imposters Season 2 is about. 

What happened to the bag of money at the end of Imposters?

Because it looked like the bag of FBI money would be stolen using the box Jules had made (as a piece of art sculpture), it's easy to assume that Maddie got away with it. But, what happened was Maddie actually let the FBI get their bag of money back screwing Max (because Max had killed Sally for trying to steal the Doctor's money in the last scheme when he ratted her out).

Does Assassin Lenny Cohen Catch Up To Everyone?

It's pretty clear that the assassin Lenny Cohen (who the doctor calls to chase down Ezra, Richard, Jules, and Maddie) is going to catch up with her targets. She's that competent, as the movie ends with her walking, in a swagger, toward her new quest. 

Imposters Reviews

Imposters Season 1 got pretty good reviews, 6.8 on Rotten Tomatoes


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