Jedi Meditation Techniques - How To Harness The Force

Jedi Meditation Techniques - How To Really Use The Force

If you've watch any of the Star Wars movies, you are familiar with the force. There are many mystical techniques and training secrets the Jedi use to harness and use the force for good. Among them, Jedi meditation techniques. We see these in action, for example, in The Phantom Menace , when Qui Gon Jinn played by Liam Neeson goes down to his knees for a quick Jedi meditation when a glass door separates him from Darth Maul, in Jinn's final battle.

Do you want to learn to do a Jedi meditation like Qui Gon Jinn, when life gets hairy, and you need not lose your cool?

Are Jedi Mediation Techniques Real?

"The majority of Jedi Meditation is based or derived from Taoist Meditations. It would work because it already DOES work!! The Force is really Qi. Energy. We are energy. We are light. We are our own Life Force. The best ways to get to know more about Star Wars is to study Taoism, Qi, and Eastern philosophies. Yoda states we are a luminous being. I say we all have an "Inner Fabulousness"
Humans are responsible for their own happiness.  We are light. We can also spread light. We are the light in the tunnel we have all been waiting for, " said Trisha Trixie (on FB, Twitter & LI)

Do Our Mitochondria Contain The Force?

Lee, the author of a book on Mitochondria that will launch on Feb 28 (first edition published in 2014), may inspire us to consider that the  “Force that Jedi are able to harness is actually the result of microscopic life forms within them, called Midichlorians, which are based on real life mitochondria." Can we "draw a straight line connection between Jedi-Midichlorians and humans-mitochondria?" 

Further suggested reading: Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2018) Author: Lee Know, ND. Previous edition of the book (no longer in print): Life: The Epic Story of Our Mitochondria 

How To Do Jedi Meditation

Maya Kumits , Vedic Meditation teacher offers some tips on how to do Jedi meditation from a Vedic meditation perspective: 

"It's an effortless mental process. Its power lies in its simplicity.  Unlike other forms of meditation which require focus and concentration, Vedic Meditation is natural, quick and effective.  It’s intended for busy people with busy lives.  Once you learn the technique it can be done anywhere (noise is no barrier to meditation), any time - no apps or teacher required.  

This jedi technique leverages the nature of the mind and the body to do all the hard work for us. We trigger this natural process with a simple technique, just like we trigger sleep (a natural process) by turning off the lights, getting into bed, pulling up the covers and closing our eyes. Once we kick off the process "the force" takes over. As stress gets released from the body, vedic meditators find that they become friendlier, kinder, more compassionate, more grateful, calmer, more creative, they find more clarity of purpose.

The steps: 

- sit comfortably with your back supported, head unsupported
- close your eyes and think the mantra you’re given (in Vedic Meditation, we use a set of bija mantras that have no intended meaning. They work on the level of sound / vibration and they guide the mind away from activity toward stillness. This mantra is orally passed to the student by the teacher just as the Vedas were passed down orally for thousands of years)
- the mantra will get subtler and fainter until it slips away
- you’ll experience the state of “being” with no thoughts and no mantra. This state feels like supreme inner contentedness. The mind stops thinking because it can not conceive of anything better than where it is now. We also call this state “bliss”. You may stay here for fractions of seconds or minutes depending on whether the body needs rest or stress release.
- eventually you’ll start thinking thoughts again. The moment you realize you’re thinking, go back to the mantra and repeat until you’ve meditated for 20 mins.

Through this process of dipping down into being and coming back up to thinking, we move in cycles much like a front loading washing machine and we launder our stresses from the body." 

Jedi Knight Observation Meditation Technique 

Caleb Beck, a Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics, says, "I feel the most dominant technique Jedi Knights employ is one of observation. It is a type of meditation which is very minimal in its approach. Your awareness in part of a greater Force, a collective. The more aware you are of yourself and others, the more connected you are with this Force. It is what binds all life together, and when you are connecting with it, you need to do so from a place of neutrality and balance. The better you know yourself, the more aware you can be. This is why the basics of Jedi meditation are grounded in observation. Yoda tells Luke to feel the Force flow through him. He tells him that he will see things, and he is not lying."

How to do it

Beck explains, "Sit down, in any position you’d like (the Jedi are fond of the various lotus positions), and breathe. You don’t have to focus on anything in particular. When thoughts and feelings come to you, notice them and observe them. Don’t judge or attach yourself to them. You can be with eyes closed or open, you can breathe any way you’d like, the important thing is that you are in the moment, present, and not forcing anything on your mind."

Does It Work?

"Does it work? Yes, it does. Much like dream journaling and freeform writing, it is a technique which helps you identify patterns, increase awareness and brain function, and it can also help you to unwind, especially once you throw different breathing exercises and visualization into the mix."

Plug Into The Force Directly

Milana Perepyolkina, Quadruple #1 International Bestselling Author of 
Gypsy Energy Secrets: Turning a Bad Day into a Good Day No Matter What Life Throws at You, offers an exercise that may help you plug directly into the force:

"This exercise must be done outside during the day. There should be no roof over your head. Don’t do it if clouds obscure the sky. Stand up straight, extend your hands, palms down. Move them up and down in small movements as if you are flying. You will feel as if you have needles in your hands. Now bend your elbows in front of you.

Open your palms. Your palms will face each other and the space between them should be a bit smaller than the volleyball. The fingers will be stretched out, little bit backwards and apart from each other.

You will feel strong pulsation in the middle of your palms. Hold it for a few seconds. Now raise your arms up very quickly and with great force, as if you are trying to “plug in” to the sky. Lift your chin slightly, so that you can see the sky. You whole body should be stretched up and held with power at the center. “See” the energy coming from the sky, through your arms, down to your body and into the Earth.

Now feel the energy coming from the Earth into your bare feet, up your body, shooting into the sky. You have just connected the energy of the Sky with the energy of the Earth. Pay attention to every part of your body. Feel the power of the energy current. Experiment by doing this exercise during different times of the day, during the sunrise and sunset.

You will notice that the energy you receive will be quite different. The difference between this exercise and the next is your intention. “Plugging into Power” has the intention of receiving bright, bold, powerful energy. The Cosmic Tree has the intention of receiving, subtle, soft, calming energy." 

Any other Jedi Meditation techniques to share? Comment!


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