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Kakegurui Anime Ending Explained - Big Spoilers Ahead! 

A Netflix Anime Release With An Original Ending

The biggest spoiler is knowing what happens when Yumeko takes on Kirari (the student council pres) in a gambling match in the last episode of Kakegurui, the trending anime series on Netflix. Who wins the gambling match between Yumeko and Kirari? Neither win, it is a tie, a draw, here's how it happens, play by play.

Final Episode (12) Summary

The final battle in the kakegurui episode list of 12, each lasting about 25 minutes begins with Yumeko's friends trying to talk her into cheating in the match with Kirari, because going against the president could be devastating. "I have no need for impurities," said Yumeko. When the match begins, Runa Yomozuki the referee goes over the rules. 

The tarot cards of fate is the name of the final gambling game. Three will select one card from the deck of Major Arcana's 22 cards. Each card in the deck has a number from 0-21, so that will be the score. If "it's upright from the perspective of the one who drew it, it'll be positive, and negative if it's reversed" As the girls play the score goes back and forth with all sorts of claims of cheating.  It is Ryota Suzui's turn and the only way for Yumeko to win is if the "fool" card is drawn. How does he know which to draw, when the odds are 40 to one. Yameko assures him not to worry about her. Then he notices the card has been marked, most likely by the president herself (but why?!). The president had held the fool card, so that must be it right? Nope. He picks, and it is the judgement card in upright, for 20 points, which ties the game, making it a the Tarot Cards of Fate Game a draw between Yumeko and Kirari. In the aftermath the contention is that the president was holding the fool and judgement card together. But, was it the president, Yumeko, actually playing in the final game, or her twin sister, Ririka Momobami?

Major spoiler: Kakegurui twin theory:  

To explain the ending, we might take into account the Kakegurui twin. If you got confused about the student council president being the masked student in the crowd who offers to be the dealer, while the match included the student council president, then the only explanation is that Kirari has a twin. Kirari's twin played the final gambling match against Yumeko instead of the president. 

Read more about winning with a twin strategy here, the initial confusion it causes, and the only explanation possible, here

Similar to the twin trick played in the movie Prestige, watch that below:

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Kakegurui Anime Release Date & Summary | Trailer 

In 2017, Netflix released Kakegurui (watch), an anime series about Yumeko Jabami who ultimately will take on Kirari, the student council president of Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school where its students are essentially judged on how well they can gamble. Season 1 has twelve episodes that lead up to the final showdown between Yumeko and Kirari, the loser getting expelled from the academy.

Kakegurui Reviews 

One website says you should not watch this unless you're interested in stockings and gambling. Myanimelist rates it a 7.58 out of 10 stars. 


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