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Cloverfield Paradox Explained 

Premiering After Superbowl, Sunday February 4th, 2018, watch here on Netflix

What is The Cloverfield Paradox? To explain 2018's Cloverfield Paradox, which is a prequel of the earlier movies, 2009 Cloverfield (trailer here) & the 2016, 10 Cloverfield lane (trailer here). The first Cloverfield movies explains that what arrived was actually a monster that was woken up in the Atlantic by submarines. Some speculated it was an alien, but what fell from the sky was a Japanese satellite. This monster is not an alien, but something that that evolved from an unknown time, though it is apparent that the creature is ancient and very old. At the end of Cloverfield the monster after growing rapidly on the Ocean floor nectar (a growth steroid), it went into a kind of hibernation, after ravaging New York City, etc. 

Fast forward to 2018, and the promotions for the movie is nearly the same....something happened. something arrived. That was ten years ago. Now we know why. In this new movie, viewers will stumble into the prequel to learn more about how the sea creature came to be, which made almost zero splash in the cinema world, both movies were flops (some spoilers on  Reddit).

At the start of Cloverfield paradox, the scientists trying to save the Earth from the energy crises are in the satellite ship that falls into the sea in the previous movie. They are there in hopes that the Shepherd accelerator will save them. Germany is readying for war, the Russians are starving. On TV someone is being interviewed saying that the Shepherd Accelerator is 1000 times more powerful than anything the Earth has seen and will rip open space time, smashing together multiple dimensions. That the experiment will unleash chaos; that these efforts to solve the energy crises will unleash demons in the past, future, other dimensions.

Then something goes horribly wrong with the accelerator. The earth is gone. The gyro missing, so the scientists in space cannot reorient themselves. Then there is a shrieking throughout satellite like science ship. Tam is standing there looking at something, and shushes the team, listening through a wall, it's coming through the wall. It's a woman in there, screaming, the ship's wires and pipes (inside the wall) lines going through her body. Mundy tries to cut her out and then the woman calls out Hamilton's name, and everyone is shocked as to why the woman would know her name. They get the woman on a bed and try to help her, wires all through her legs and a pipe through her shoulder.

As Volkov is looking at his own face in the mirror, his eye becomes turned to the extreme left, and then right, and then it's back to normal again, as he talks to himself in the mirror. He says I know. Then goes to override the security protocol. The one eye starts moving, as if he is possessed or something else is controlling him. He makes a gun with the printer and then goes to point it at Tam and Smi, and foams at the mouth and shakes. And then dies. And, heaves and barfs all the missing worms all over the floor and everyone.

Back over to the woman found in the walls. She is awake and says, we've been on this ship for two years. The crew don't know her but she knows them. They ask: Who are you? She says: Mina Jensen, Shepherd engineer. Team says, No Tam is the Shepherd engineer. Obviously Mina is from a different alternate Earth. She warns the crew that Schmidt tried to sabotage the ship. Kiel attacks Schidt and accuses him of betraying the mission.

As Mundy is fixing the wall, his arm is sucked in and pops off, but it's not bleeding, just a stump, gone, like he was born like that (the arm is found crawling by itself reaching around (from the superbowl commercial).

It's obvious at this point that alternate Earthings on the ship are interacting. They figure it out, the paradox, particles interacting with each other across the dimensions, fighting to occupy the same space. The severed hand starts making writing motions, and when they give it a pen, it writes "Volkov open." They open Volkov's body bag and Tam cuts him open to find the gyro inside of him.

They hook it up but figure out where they are. They learn from the news (now that they are reconnected) the Cloverfield space station has fallen into the ocean and destroyed. They are now obviously in orbit around an alternate Earth, and discuss getting themselves back to their dimension.

Tam gets stuck in airlock 6 as it is being flooded, and then Tam seems to be about to be evacuated into space, when everything freezes, with her looking through the port hole frozen. They figure the dimension is eating them alive, but they question whether they can escape without Tam. Mundy is then killed by the metallic repair goo that comes for him .

Cloverfield Paradox Explained?

One theory from Reddit is that the paradox is the satellite that crashed in the first film would never have come down from orbit if the events had not happened, but they did, so it is seemingly contradictory. But, actually everything is a paradox as two alternate Earth dimensions clash, making it impossible for each in one dimension to play out the same thing in the other dimension, so both dimensions completely contradict each other, like cancelling each other out. On the ground, Michael talks about the paradox of not being able to find the station that fell into the sea because there isn't one.

Cloverfield Paradox Ending Explained

Mina gets the gun and starts shooting the crew that's left in order to keep the Shepherd in her own dimension to save her world, her Earth. Jenson knocks her down and then she seems to kill him too, chasing Ava. She tries to convince Ava her family is down on this Earth, knowing she lost them on the other Earth. But Ava cracks a window that sucks Mina out in space. Jenson comes back and helps Ava return them back to their own dimension, their own Earth. The ground says, where have you guys been? We've got a lot to talk about Jensen explains. There they get the Shepherd working, and presumably will save their Earth, restoring all back to it seems. Until Michael, who is on the ground is screaming, tell them not to come back, and as the capsule enters the Earth's clouds, the big monster from earlier movies comes up from the clouds and screams. 

Working Name - God Particle

Cloverfield Paradox was also known by its working name, the God Particle, at least until the higgs part of it was dropped (although Mina says the reason everything happened with the dimensions colliding was because the Shepherd accelerator smashed a Higgs Bosum, so maybe it was just a name change because someone didn't like the name God Particle) , and the movie became its current name.

Cloverfield Paradox Superbowl Commercial

For 7.7 million dollars the Cloverfield Paradox ran an ad on Superbowl telling fans to find out what happened and why it happened, after the game. 

Cloverfield Twitter

Cloverfield Paradox has a Twitter account, which follows no one but already has over 2400 followers, you can follow here

Cloverfield Paradox Trailer


  1. Just watched it now. It sheds so much light on things unanswered. The ending was expected with the survivors to supposedly die. But wtf... Did the creature grow in size? Look at the capsule, then how large the monster is. It was smaller in the first movie... Holy hell

  2. Thank you for reviews ! I don't like to watch movies without reading reviews or watching trailers. It's very important for me to get this information beforehand.


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