The Ritual Ending Explained - Spoilers

The Ritual Ending Explained

Netflix released (watch the movie here) The Ritual in 2018, and those who have watched it want the ending explained, and questions answered, like what was the monster. This whole movie led up to
Picture of the monster in The Ritual - Source: Netflix
one guy (Luke) facing his shame, fears, regrets through the monster that is likely a son of Loki, the trickster god. In the end, everyone dies except this man who the monster ends up letting go (after Luke put an ax through its head). Luke had the chance to live forever by worshiping the monster (like the room full of decaying people who the boys found in the room that basically stayed alive by worshiping the creature), but decided to face his regrets and fears and overcome them. 

It seemed this dark god could smell out a fearful coward (which is its goal), and manipulate them into worshiping him by playing on their fears in life and of death. Those who are not afraid gets killed right away. But, then why does the monster let Luke go in the end? The monster does not let him go, the director does (because it gives watchers a satisfying ending). The Norse storytellers would have ended this movie differently, likely killing everyone who didn't succumb and get on their knees before this evil god. 

Here's some good discussion on Reddit about the ending, and why the monster let Luke go. 

The Ritual Trailer

The Ritual - Netflix Movie Plot Summary Review

Four guys go on a hike through the dark Scandinavian forest, and in the end they all die except one who must overcome the evil that's found there, and the fear within. 


  1. It's obviously subjective but I clearly thought that the monster can't leave the forest.

    1. Good point Mike, I think you're right about that


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